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Young Local Authority of the Year


The Young Local Authority of the Year (established in 2006) is an annual competition with the aim of enhancing the professional development of people in the early stages of their careers in local government. Teams of two represent councils from across the UK. Each team delivers a short Argument paper on a subject of 'current interest or controversy' as well as a more informal 'On the Spot' presentation in which the team asks itself a question and answers it wthout notes in as close to three minutes as possible. Our coaches provide useful advice – in a helpful written briefing before the event and in rehearsal on the day of arrival. All delegates are 18 or over, but there is no upper age limit. The Young Local Authority of the Year offers a unique opportunity to meet and network with colleagues from other local authorities and to compete – in a friendly atmosphere! – for a prestigious title.


6-8 MARCH 2024


8-10 MARCH 2023


MARCH 2022


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